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Cloggis Size Charts
Make sure you get your sizes right by taking a look at our size chart before you buy your Cloggis.
Size Charts


4 EURO 37 25CM
5 EURO 38 26CM
6 EURO 39 26.5CM
7 EURO 40 27CM
8 EURO 41 28CM
9 EURO 42 28.5CM
10 EURO 43 30CM
11 EURO 44 30.5CM
12 EURO 45 31CM


3 EURO 36 24.5CM
5 EURO 23 17CM
6 EURO 24 17.5CM
7 EURO 25 18CM
8 EURO 26 18.5CM
9 EURO 27 19CM
10 EURO 28 20CM
11 EURO 29 21CM
12 EURO 30 22CM
13 EURO 31 22.5CM
1 EURO 32 23CM
2 EURO 33 23.5CM
3 EURO 34 24CM


Cloggis provide a roomy, comfortable fit and their unique design means that your foot should stay centred in the shoe without touching the sides, heel strap, or toe. This means that your Cloggis won't rub under any conditions - which is what makes them so original and versatile!

Cloggis can be worn with the heel strap behind the heel to prevent you from losing your shoe in movement, or the strap can be moved forwards over the front of the shoe to create a stylish clog which is easy to slip on and off between activities.