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About Cloggis
Why Cloggis?

Stand on your feet all day without pain!

A fun fashion statement for young and old alike, with or without socks.

Orthotic footbed, slip resistant and non marking soles.

Available in a wide range of colours for Adults and Children.

  1. Cloggis are made out of a patented closed cell resin which is REALLY soft and super comfortable .They also mould to your feet as you wear them creating a perfectly fitted shoe.
  2. Designed with a Orthotic heel, built in arch support and a massaging insole Cloggis ensure the comfort and health of your feet.
  3. Resistant to bacteria and odour ensuring hygine and making smelly shoes a thing of the past.
  4. Cloggis feel like they're barely there - as they are so light on your feet.
  5. Designed with vents so air passes through the shoe keeping your feet cool.
  6. Ultra-hip Italian styling.
  7. Incredibly slip resistant, will not scuff or mark floors or decking.
  8. Easy maintenance, just wipe them clean, or wash them in water.
  9. They float.
  10. Water, sand and debris pass through the vents.
  11. The strap can be worn at the back of the foot or forward for a clog look.